Our Services

  • Air Conditioning Air Conditioning

    Stay cool in summer with an air conditioning service. We are ARC licensed to service, repair, and regas air con systems.

  • Car Stereos Car Stereos

    We can supply and fit Axis or Blaupunkt stereo systems including Speakers, Amps and Subwoofers. Or we can fit a system that you have supplied.

  • Alternators Alternators

    Your alternator keeps your car’s battery fully charged. We can perform a charge rate test, check the belts, and measure the voltage to determine if a new alternator is required.

  • GPS Tracking GPS Tracking

    If you have purchased a GPS system and require professional installation or maintenance services, we can help. We can supply an Axis tracking unit with monthly or annual tracking.

  • Starter motors Starter motors

    If you’re not sure about your starter motor’s condition, let us check it for you. We can tell if it is worn or not performing properly and advise on the best and quickest way to fix it.

  • UHF Radios UHF Radios

    We can supply Uniden or GME UHF radios. We can either supply you a radio, antenna, and bracket or you can have it professionally installed in our workshop by a qualified auto electrician.

  • Batteries Batteries

    We supply and fit a range of reliable, high-performance, low maintenance batteries that are perfectly matched to any type of vehicle and to suit every budget.

  • Satellite Navigation Satellite Navigation

    Our satellite navigation fitters are not only installers but also qualified technicians with many years’ experience and electronic know-how. We can assist with all your sat nav needs.

  • Spotlights Spotlights

    We supply and install automotive spotlights for all types of vehicles from small compact lighting systems to large 4WD models, including HID and LED lights.

  • Rewiring Car & Trailers Rewiring Car & Trailers

    You vehicle’s wiring is fundamental to efficient operation and reliability. Whether you’re after a complete custom re-wire or a small wiring job, we can handle it for you.

  • Dual battery system Dual battery system

    We supply and install dual battery systems for a range of vehicle makes and models. Dual battery systems ensure your vehicle keeps running even with a large range of accessories.

  • Engine Diagnostics Engine Diagnostics

    We have the latest electronic diagnostics tools and equipment to identify and repair problems with your engine, including a scan tool for code retrieval and removal.

  • Reverse Camera & Sensor Kits Reverse Camera & Sensor Kits

    We supply and install a wide variety of reverse cameras and sensor kits for cars, caravans, 4WDs, and small trucks. We can recommend the best system to meet your needs.

  • Airbag Lamps Airbag Lamps

    If your Airbag or SRS lamp is on, we can scan your airbag module and quickly diagnose to repair the problem.